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A Cuba adventure tour to this amazing Caribbean island offers an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the sensual rhythms of salsa and rumba, delicious rum cocktails and fragrant cigars, vast white sand beaches lapped by aquamarine seas and varied, sun-kissed landscapes and fascinating museums.

With its Spanish colonial heritage, African roots and 50 years of communist leadership, Cuba has a unique history, which you can delve into as you explore the island on a Cuba adventure tour. In the capital, Havana’s crumbling colonial buildings, vintage American cars and political murals can make you feel as if Cuba is lost in time. But it’s not just this romantic atmosphere which inspires adventure travellers, it’s also the sense that due to its political isolation, Cuba isn’t overrun with tourists and this has protected its unique personality. You will notice there are few globally recognised products available, no big brands on the streets to compete with local beer and cola, while restaurants sell high quality, authentic local products. Take a Cuba adventure tour and you will be amazed by the warmth of the people, the myriad of adventure activities available and picturesque views everywhere you go - it’s definitely a must-see destination.

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