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Group travel for everyone to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our Worldwide Adventures offer small group tours exploring the culture, landscape and history of an area using public or private transport, staying in accommodation ranging from jungle lodges to hotels... Read more


Adventures for 20's & 30's to the Americas, Africa and Asia. Travel by either public transport, private transfers or our custom-built overland trucks staying in a range of accommodation chosen for its location, character and cleanliness... Read more


Tailor-made tours offer you the flexibility to choose your own path. You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standard. Pack in as many activities and locations as possible, or incorporate some relaxation and free time to explore on your own terms... Read more

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Inca Trek vs Lares Trail

The one question till this date I cannot answer, it's kind of the equivalent of NY vs LA (okay, that one was too easy), or how about Melbourne vs Sydney , São Paulo vs Rio de Janeiro, or even a Madrid vs Barcelona showdown? Don't even get me started with Messi vs Pelé. By now you know what the que... Read more


The Festivals of Asia

If you are born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 or 2004, then congratulations, it is your year! In Chinese New Year traditions, celebrated on the 8th of February, 2016 marks the Year of the Monkey. Chinese New Year is a time for big festivities, and many destinations around the world mark the event ... Read more


Three Days in Dubrovnik

You may have heard the ancient city of Dubrovnik referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic. This expression only became truly clear to me, however, when I rounded the bend of the Croatian coastline and saw the city tumbling below me: iridescent in the dying rays of the sun, the Adriatic sea perfectly... Read more

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