Travel Longer for Less


Spend more time travelling and less time budgeting with our Travel Longer for Less promotion! The more days you book, the better the saving! Spend three weeks seeing South America's biggest highlights, travel all the way from Nairobi to Cape Town or combine Mexico, Guatemala and Belize! You can see the world without breaking the bank. 


    Trip Length:


      8-14 Days

5% OFF

      15-21 Days 

10% OFF

      22+ Days

15% OFF


If you have travelled with us before you can even use your 5% Loyalty Discount! 


Offer ends Thursday 31st August 2017

Please note: Offer excludes Tailor-made tours and any tripcodes beginning with “R”. The number of days refers to the tour length only, any pre/post accommodation added by the passenger does not count towards the offer. Offer cannot be backdated.