Enjoy Rio Carnival on a Budget

Rio Carnival Hostel Experience

This experience is part of our Adventures for 20s & 30s range. You will be staying in multi-share rooms and it includes a ticket to the Sambadrome Parade (Sector 13). It is an affordable option for visiting Rio Carnival! 

Free parades, parties and events!

Free street parties called 'blocos' are held everywhere during Rio Carnival, with more than a hundred taking place in different neighbourhoods every day, at no charge. The most important blocos are "O cordão do bola preta" that parades around the historical city centre, and "Suvaco de Cristo", which takes place below the Christ the Redeemer statue. The music is composed and played by local bands and people wear special costumes and t-shirts designed especially for their particular areas. Everyone is welcome at these parties and the dancing can go on till late at night.

There is an alternative party that takes place in the Lapa district in the southern corner of Rio's city centre, where Tucan Travel hotels are based. A stage is erected in front of the famous Arcos de Lapa (the Lapa aqueduct) and bands of all styles play every night - this party is free of charge.

One of the highlights of Rio Carnival is the opportunity to go to a ball. The balls vary in style and theme and cost from around 90 Real / US$40. They are great fun and worth saving a little bit of budget for, if you can!