Adding Rio Carnival

to Group Tours

Adding Rio Carnival to Group Tours

If you are travelling on one of our group tours that meet Rio Carnival we have a space already saved for you at the biggest event of the year! We make block bookings at our tour hotels in Rio de Janeiro to ensure our travellers don't miss out on the party. You'll still need to book in advance though, as we release extra space back for general sale at least a couple of months before the beginning of Carnival. Our 5 and 6 day tour extensions accommodation as well as your ticket to the Samba parade in Sambadrome on one of the main nights of Carnival.



Rio Carnival Tour Extensions - Fri 9th February to Tues 13 February 2018

Beach exp

Rio Carnival Beach Experience

City exp

Rio Carnival City Experience

Hostel exp

Rio Carnival Hostel Experience

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Please note:

For group tours that start before Carnival, stay in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival and continue after Carnival, the Rio Carnival tour extensions are not optional and not included in the tour price. This gives you the flexibility to choose where you'd like to stay during this busy time and decide whether or not you'd like to participate in the carnival. If you decide to fly in or out of the carnival early, no reimbursements will be given for unused accommodation.

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