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Lares Trek on Group Tours

Lares Trek: Worldwide Adventures

Tours which include time to complete the Lares Trek are indicated by the Inca Trail Trek icon on the tour map. We offer the Lares Trek when there is no space left on the Inca Trail Trek or when the Inca Trek is closed like in the month of February when it shuts for maintenance.

Some people choose the Lares Trek as a quieter alternative to the more popular Inca Trail. If this is the case and you would rather do the Lares Trek over the Inca Trek despite the Inca Trail Trek being available, we can organise the Lares Trek for you at an extra cost.

When booking your tour you will pay your tour deposit plus a non-refundable Inca Trail Trek deposit. This is not an extra payment and will be deducted from your final tour payment. This payment goes towards organising either the Inca Trek or Lares Trek.

If you choose not to participate in either the Inca Trail Trek or Lares Trek, we will organise a train trip to Machu Picchu which will be included. There will be no refund in tour costs if you decide to take the train to Machu Picchu. Due to time constraints it is not possible to do both the Inca Trail Trek and the Lares Trek on the same tour.

Adventures for 20s & 30s

All Adventures for 20s & 30s tours to Latin America which visit Cuzco in Peru have enough time allocated to complete the Lares Trek. This is an optional excursion with an additional cost, and must be organised when booking your tour before departure.

See our Peru tours page for the full list of packages that include the Lares Trek.

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