Amazon Jungle

amazon jungle overview

Amazon Jungle Overview

Visit the Amazon to see jungle plants and animals in their natural habitat

The Amazon Jungle is one of the world's most important tropical rainforests. Covering approximately 5.5 million square kilometres over 9 countries, the Amazon holds one in ten of the world's species and is therefore the biggest and most biodiverse collection of plants, birds and animals on Earth.

the amazon in brazil

The Amazon in Brazil

Visit the Amazon Jungle on a Group Tour in Brazil

Enjoy a five night adventure along the Amazon River in a specially designed riverboat from Belém to Manaus, included in Overland Tours.

the amazon in peru

The Amazon in Peru

Visit the Amazon Jungle on a Group Tour or Add-on in Peru

Experience the beauty and diversity of the Amazon rainforest on our group tours and Add-ons to Peru. Trek through the lush vegetation and learn about the plants and animals surrounding you with the help of expert naturalist guides.

the amazon in ecuador

The Amazon in Ecuador

Worldwide Adventures and Adventures for 20s & 30s in Ecuador

Take a motorised dugout canoe downriver from Tena into the Amazon Jungle and explore the lush rainforest.