Overland Tours in Africa

Why is Overlanding so popular in Africa?

Of all the continents, Africa is almost always the one that springs to mind when you think of overland tours using expedition vehicles. There are a few reasons for this, one is that public transport is often unreliable and the lack of tourist infrastructure means Africa overland tours are an easier more effective way to get around. Another is cost. Overland tours are more cost-effective than hiring or buying your own vehicle and travelling around on your own and if you only have a short length of time – ie, you're not planning to take a year out and drive the length of the continent Charley Boorman-style – you can't beat overland tours for convenience and value. The third advantage is flexibility. Overland tours in Africa allow you to get more off-the-beaten-track than public transport and travelling with people that know the local area well means you can visit places you may not have found on your own.

Recent Review and Feedback from our Africa Overland tours

I have been associated with the travel industry here in Australia over the past 30 years, my partner and I recently did a Tour with Tucan and had the best time. Started in Nairobi on 02 July 2012. We had a fantastic trip, we saw Gorillas in Rwanda, elephants, baby Rhino's Giraffes, Lions, hyenas,wilderbeast and lots of other animals. Out of all the vehicles we saw doing the same type of trip, we felt as though we had the best vehicle for the this long trip. We had a great tour guide Tanya Bertoncini with the driver Josh. We also had Sarah Field & Timon who were both training, they will go a long way with their tours. All the staff were excellent and full of knowledge. Kind Regards, Martin Woodward

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