Guaranteed Departures

After taking time off work, booking your flights and arranging for your neighbour to feed the cat, the last thing you need is for your trip to be cancelled because of a lack of people on your tour. Tucan Travel's guaranteed departures take the guesswork out of planning your adventure and give you the peace of mind to book the tour that suits you.

What is a guaranteed departure?

A guaranteed departure means that the tour will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be cancelled for lack of participation. All guaranteed departures will run except in the event of a natural disaster or other similarly disruptive event that is beyond our control.

Travellers have made it very clear to us that guaranteed departures are very important. As a result of this feedback we have gone through our group tour schedules and nominated hundreds of departures as guaranteed departures. We are pleased to be able to give you more confidence to book your adventure holiday with us.

Benefits to travellers

  • Guaranteed departures give you peace of mind that you can book when you want to and the reassurance that the tour will definitely operate as scheduled.
  • More people are likely to book on guaranteed departures so groups will be more interesting, diverse and enjoyable.
  • We will still operate your tour within our small group size policy.

Benefits to Tucan Travel

  • Guaranteed departures help us to build trust with our clients to encourage repeat booking.
  • Guaranteed departures are more likely to attract bookings faster and earlier, which will make it easier for us to confirm staff rosters and hotel and transport bookings.
  • If guaranteed departures fill quickly, we can make an assessment and nominate other departures as guaranteed in order to encourage further bookings.

How are guarantee departures decided?

We have made our decisions based on historical and current sales patterns, schedules and popular periods, among other criteria. We have been careful to offer a variety of fixed date group tours across our full range of regions and travel styles. The system is flexible so that the more people who book tours which are not 'guaranteed departures', the more tours we can name as guaranteed departures. We have guaranteed a large number of group tours to destinations around the world.

How can I tell if a tour is guaranteed?

Guaranteed departures are indicated on our availability page dark green. It is important to note the difference in colour between the guaranteed departure icon and the pale green availability icon.

Dark green – This tour is guaranteed to depart and has at least 3 places remaining.
Pale green – This tour is available and has at least 3 places remaining.

What happens when a tour reaches minimum numbers?

We aim to operate every tour regardless of whether it has been guaranteed or not, so it is very unlikely that a tour which has reached minimum numbers would be cancelled. The minimum numbers required to run our tours is very low - it only takes 4 people to book onto most of our public transport tours, and 10 for any of our tours that travel on our Overland Truck.

We will be looking at tours which have reached minimum numbers on a regular basis and adding tours to the guaranteed departure list. For further information about cancellations by us, please see our booking conditions.

Will my tour run if it's not guaranteed?

We are taking a flexible approach and hope that the more people who book tours which are not guaranteed departures, the more will reach minimum numbers and the more tours we can guarantee. Most of our tours have a number of guaranteed departures set in advance. We will endeavour to make decisions around 6 months prior to the scheduled departure date of a tour in order to give our clients and travel agents the maximum possible amount of notice.

Tours that are not guaranteed will operate based on our minimun numbers policy as detailed in our booking conditions.

Can a guaranteed departure be cancelled?

While Tucan Travel will make every attempt to operate a tour, we do reserve the right to cancel a tour, at any time, due to reasons beyond our control that might create unsafe or undesirable travel conditions.

Can guaranteed departures run with lower than minimum numbers?

In the unlikely event that a guaranteed departure does not reach minimum numbers, it will still operate as scheduled. Read our booking conditions for further details about minimum numbers and our cancellation policy.